Building a custom home? Answer these 5 questions to see if an Interior Designer is right for you.

Are you comfortable reviewing electrical plans to make sure it works for your needs?

Can you visualize interior wall layouts without elevation drawings of all the vertical surfaces?

Are you able to coordinate with contractors to determine what selections need to be made and at what phase of the project?
Can you purchase custom high-end furniture, fabrics, rugs and lighting at a discount well below retail price?
Are you creative enough to think outside of your comfort zone to get a unique, one of a kind home that you’ll love?
If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions then an Interior Designer can help you make the most of your project as well as save you money. Licensed Interior Designers are more than just decorators that make a home look pretty with fancy pillows and curtains. They are integral in almost all aspects of home design inside and out and will ensure you will get the home of your dreams.